Zakir Zakat is a non-profit foundation designed to assist Veterans & Veteran families, in time of need, combat unforeseen financial instabilities. There are many great non-profit charitable organizations that assist Veterans & Families. Here at Zakir Zakat payment gateway solutions, we have a rather different approach. We strongly believe that prevention is the best cure. There are many early warning signs associated with financial instability. Our goal as a non-profit foundation is to provide assistance to our heroes in uniform during the early stages so as to avoid a total financial crisis. Zakir Zakat is not driven by profits, but a shared idea towards our heroes in uniform. With a Zakir Zakat Subscriber/Service Provider account, you can rest assured that your money will be used as a powerful driving force in assisting our heroes in uniform.

Where you fit in at Zakir Zakat Online payment gateway solutions

If you are looking for an online payment gateway system that will help you put your money where it can be used as a powerful source for good, then you are at the right place.  Zakir Zakat is an online banking system where our clients can deposit, spend and withdraw money. We also offer Merchant services which authorize credit card or direct payments processing for online retailers, e-businesses, and bricks & clicks or traditional brick and mortar style business models. 

Our Services

Our payment gateway solutions authorize payments for retailers in all business categories. We ensure that sensitive information such as credit card numbers entered into a virtual a virtual terminal or an eCommerce website is passed securely from the customer to the merchant, and from merchant to merchant to the payment processor through the use of encryption.

Faster transaction processing

A payment gateway is much faster than manual processing, and customers can make a purchase without the inconvenience of long waits or lines.

Secure transactions

Payment gateways utilize industry-standard encryption and effectively protect sensitive data, protecting both merchant and consumers from fraud.

Expand your customer base

Our payment gateway solutions enable shoppers from around the world to have access to your store and can expand your customer base exponentially.

Why choose Zakir Zakat Payment Solutions

Create a Zakir Zakat Subscriber / Service Provider Account

  • Secure login with full financial, withdrawal & pending request management.

  • User financial, transaction, withdrawal, user, and deposit ledger.

  • User profile management, automatically add funds, request money system.

  • Deposit, withdrawal, transaction & payment history.

  • Withdraw money via PayPal, Bank account or Stripe.


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